Month: August 2015

Pit Bull Attacks 9-Year-Old Girl

Dog attacks remain a significant national problem.  As discussed in various posts seen in the Illinois dog attacks category, dog attacks can be vicious and lead to extensive, life-threatening injuries, as well as death.  Due to the severity of these attacks, those who do survive serious dog attacks can have substantial need for injury compensation, … Read more

Window Washer Falls Six Stories In Chicago

Work accidents in Illinois occur for various reasons…some of the more common reasons include improper equipment, equipment failures, miscommunication, poor employee training, improper procedures, and various types of negligence. Today (August 5, 2015) there was an accident in Chicago in which a window washer fell from the 6th floor of Northwestern Memorial Hospital as he was washing … Read more

Illinois Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Regarding Motorcycle Accident

One of the most common causes of Illinois motorcycle accidents occurs when a vehicle attempts to make a left-hand turn immediately in the path of an oncoming motorcycle.  Many times, this happens as the vehicle’s driver “fails to see” the oncoming motorcycle.  Such frontal “head-on” collisions have led to numerous serious motorcycle accidents, with many being … Read more

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