Month: September 2015

Illinois Motorcycle Collision Lawsuit

Illinois motorcycle accidents are frequently traumatic, and often involve negligent actions by other motorists.  As stated on the Illinois Motorcycle Accidents page: Due to the vulnerability of a motorcyclist, as well as travel at significant speeds, many motorcycle accidents cause serious injuries, and accidents often result in death.  Motorcycle injuries often include chest trauma, broken bones, … Read more

Fatal Construction Site Accident In Chicago’s Kenwood Neighborhood

There was a fatal construction site accident Monday morning (September 14, 2015) in Chicago’s Kenwood neighborhood. Details on the accident appear to be limited at this time. According to Chicago Police, the accident happened at approximately 9:15 a.m., at a construction project at Hyde Park Boulevard and South Lake Park Avenue.  The construction worker fell from … Read more

Concussion Reporting In Illinois High School Sports

As discussed on this site’s “Concussions” page, another concern with regard to accidents and injuries are concussions.  Concussions have received considerable attention lately with regard to their incidence in sports, particularly football.  However, as seen in the April 17 Wall Street Journal article titled “Short on Concussion Data, NCAA Sets Out to Get Some,” concussions … Read more

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