Month: February 2016

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Concerning Construction Accident

There are many causes of work accidents.  Among these causes include safety lapses, flawed work procedures, equipment failures, poor communication, and substandard worker training. In many instances of work accidents – especially those involving fatalities –  a thorough investigation needs to be completed in order to establish the cause of the accident.  Such an investigation … Read more

Pit Bull Attack In Joliet

Dog bites and dog attacks happen in Illinois, and as seen in various Illinois dog attack posts on this site, such dog attacks can cause serious injury, and in some cases, death.  For non-fatal attacks, serious dog attacks have caused extensive injuries, and long-term impairments including disfigurement.  In these serious dog attacks, medical costs can be substantial, … Read more

Construction Accidents And Their Causes

As discussed throughout this site, including on the “Personal Injury Categories” page, there are many different categories of personal injuries. One category is that of work accidents.  Another category is that of construction accidents, further discussed on the “Illinois Construction Accidents” page. Accidents that happen in the workplace, as well as those that occur during … Read more

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