Head Injuries Resulting From Joliet Pedestrian Accident

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Brain injuries vary by their severity, can have complex impacts on one’s health and can by caused by a variety of accidents and sports activities.  A July 21, 2017 pedestrian accident in Joliet resulted in serious head injuries to the injured 41-year-old woman.

According to preliminary accident investigation findings from the Joliet Police Department, the pedestrian tried to quickly run across oncoming traffic on Larken Avenue – near Theodore Street – at approximately 8:35 p.m.  She was then struck by a 2004 white Toyota Camry.

The woman was flown to Loyola Medical Center in Chicago after being taken to Presence Saint Joseph’s in Joliet for treatment of her accident injuries.

An excerpt from the July 24, 2017 Joliet Patch article titled “Woman, 41, Battles For Her Life After Being Hit By Car In Joliet,” quoting Joliet Deputy Police Chief Edgar Gregory:

According to Gregory, the victim was knocked unconscious, suffering a concussion, bleeding from the brain, a fractured jaw and fractures to her legs, among other injuries. Joliet firefighters rushed her by ambulance to Saint Joseph’s. She did not regain consciousness, prompting her to be airlifted to Loyola.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this Will County pedestrian accident can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the Joliet Patch article mentioned above, as well as The Herald-News article of July 23 titled “Woman hit by car in Joliet on Friday.”


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