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Lawsuit Regarding Fall Injury On Chicago Sidewalk

On this site there have been a number of injuries discussed that have occurred on improperly maintained sidewalks.  These injuries have occurred in a number of areas, including Chicago.  Other accidents caused by improperly maintained infrastructure (such as light poles, streets, and sewers) have also been featured.  These posts are typically listed in the “slip … Read more

Two Examples Of Illinois “Trip & Fall” Lawsuits

On this site, accidents that are considered to be “slip and fall” and “trip and fall” are discussed in posts seen in the “Slip & Fall” category. Many of these types of accidents involve claims of improperly maintained infrastructure.  This may include such structural deficiencies including (large) potholes, crumbling sidewalks, cracked sidewalks, rusting signs and … Read more

Injuries Caused By Improperly Maintained Roads

Accidents which are caused by improperly maintained infrastructure occur, and some cause serious injuries.  On this site, various such injuries have been discussed. Often, accidents of this type happen on roads and sidewalks.  These types of accidents include people who are injured after tripping and falling on broken pavement and sidewalks; people injured when infrastructure … Read more

Illinois Trip & Fall Lawsuit

Illinois “slip & fall” accidents are common, and are discussed on the “Illinois Slip & Fall Accidents” page.  As well, various posts that feature “slip & fall” accidents can be seen under the “Slip & Fall” category. Another common type of accident, that can cause various serious injuries, are those considered to be “trip & … Read more

Woman Falls Into Hole In Chicago Sidewalk

Accidents that arise from people tripping and falling on sidewalks often occur when the sidewalks are poorly maintained or otherwise structurally deficient.  There have been Illinois personal injury lawsuits filed after people have been hurt in these types of accidents.   A prior post titled “Poorly Maintained Chicago Sidewalks” and the “Illinois Slip & Fall … Read more

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