Injuries Caused By Fireworks Accidents

Personal injury can occur under many different circumstances.  Many different types of accident injuries in the Chicago area as well as throughout Illinois have been featured on this site. One type of injury that occurs most often during early July up through the Fourth of July period is accident injuries caused by fireworks. The July … Read more

Fatal ATV Accident In Plainfield

There was a fatal ATV accident Tuesday evening (April 19, 2016) in Plainfield.  The accident happened near Ridge Road, between 135th and Plainfield Road. The accident resulted in the death of Alexis Richardson, 9, of Plainfield.  A man was also severely injured. An excerpt from the April 20, 2016 Plainfield Patch article titled “Girl, 9, Dies … Read more

Concussion Reporting In Illinois High School Sports

As discussed on this site’s “Concussions” page, another concern with regard to accidents and injuries are concussions.  Concussions have received considerable attention lately with regard to their incidence in sports, particularly football.  However, as seen in the April 17 Wall Street Journal article titled “Short on Concussion Data, NCAA Sets Out to Get Some,” concussions … Read more

Pool Accident In Warrenville, Illinois

There has been an accident at a pool in Warrenville, in which a four-year-old girl was injured. Details on this accident, and its causes, are very limited at this time.  It is unknown if negligence or improper safety procedures contributed to this pool accident. According to authorities, the girl was found by staff members at … Read more

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