Unsafe Infrastructure

Dangerous Infrastructure That Causes Injury And Fatalities

Dangerous infrastructure has been discussed extensively on this site. Many injuries and deaths have been caused by allegedly negligent maintenance of infrastructure. As well, flawed design and/or installation can also cause infrastructure to be unsafe.   Infrastructure includes such things as sidewalks, light poles, utility poles, streets, sewers, buildings, bus shelters, and bridges. Infrastructure that … Read more

Negligent Maintenance Claimed In Sidwalk “Trip & Fall” Lawsuit

On this site, many injuries and deaths (as well associated lawsuits) that have been caused by alleged negligent maintenance of unsafe infrastructure have been discussed.  In most instances, these accidents and accompanying injuries are caused because the infrastructure (including sidewalks, streets, sewers, buildings, bus shelters, etc.) has not been properly maintained.  An unsafe condition can develop, which … Read more

Lawsuit Regarding Accident Injuries After Woman Falls Into Manhole

On this site, many injuries and accidental deaths (as well as any associated lawsuit) that have been caused by unsafe infrastructure have been discussed.   There are many types of unsafe infrastructure…some of these types include potholes, broken sidewalks, falling light poles, rusting traffic signal poles, and various types of defective structures such as unsafe bus … Read more

Infrastructure Accident At Chicago’s Union Station Injures Woman

Unsafe public infrastructure is a cause for concern, especially if such infrastructure has caused injuries and/or death.  This unsafe infrastructure can take many forms, including unsafe sidewalks, uncovered sewers, or light posts that fail and fall over. On this site, various posts have summarized such accidents and their injuries. Another such example of failing infrastructure … Read more

Infrastructure Injuries And Associated Personal Injury Lawsuits

Serious injuries – including those that lead to death – that have occurred due to poorly maintained infrastructure have been featured on this site.  These Illinois infrastructure accidents can take many forms.  Common accidents that have occurred due to unsafe infrastructure has included unsafe sidewalks, uncovered sewers, shelters that have collapsed, and roofs that have … Read more

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