Concussions In Sports

On this site, head injuries are discussed extensively, given that such injuries are often suffered in various types of accidents.  Serious head trauma that is not fatal can cause wide-ranging impairments that require substantial medical treatments and rehabilitation.

As well, there is a growing recognition and awareness that head injuries in sports should receive more concern.  Research is now indicating that repetitive head impacts – even if seemingly routine – can, from a long-term perspective, be harmful to one’s long-term health.

Various pages on this site discuss aspects of head trauma, ranging from concussions to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  These pages are:


Long-Term Health Consequences Of Repeated Head Impacts

Traumatic Brain Injury

There is growing recognition that repeated head impacts – even if those head impacts are seemingly minor – can accumulate into chronic long-term mental and emotional impairments.  One disease that has been receiving increasing recognition is that of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE.)

There are a number of sports for which routine head impacts are of concern.  The New York Times article of December 13, 2015, titled “How a Boy’s Concussion Death Changed British Sports” discusses deaths in rugby that have been attributed to concussions.

One of the issues regarding concussions – especially in sports – is what is a proper time to refrain from returning to a sport (or other activity) after one receives a concussion?  There is growing recognition that this period of inactivity is critical, as one does not want to aggravate the condition and/or subject oneself to additional head trauma.  An excerpt from the New York Times article mentioned above:

Mr. Robinson did his own research into concussions and learned about second-impact syndrome, or a rapid and severe swelling of the brain that occurs when someone sustains a second concussion before a first one has properly healed.

Additional details regarding these issues can be seen in the media sources mentioned above.


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