Concussions Stemming From Recent Chicago Area Accidents

Concussions and their health impacts has been discussed on this site.  One reason for this focus on concussions – as well as other head injuries such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI) – is the seriousness of their long-term health impact.  While the long-term consequences of such head injuries are not fully understood, many now believe that many different types of head injuries – including those that might seem to be “minor” in nature – can be very detrimental to various aspects of one’s health.

Concussions can happen in many different settings, and for many different reasons.  Recently, concussions have happened in various Chicago area accidents, including car and pedestrian accidents.

One such recent accident, near Grayslake, is summarized in the January 13, 2016 post titled “Crash Involving Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy.”

Another post in which concussions and other head impacts is discussed is the December 14, 2015 post titled “Concussion Injuries In Recent Car Accidents.”


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