Accident Injuries Caused By Dangerous Infrastructure

Dangerous infrastructure has been the cause of many Chicago area accidents and accompanying injuries. Some of these accidents have led to the deaths of those involved. On this site, dangerous infrastructure and resulting accidents that have resulted in injuries are discussed in posts found in the “Unsafe Infrastructure” category.

Dangerous infrastructure can be present in many different structures. Some of the most common structures that fail and result in accidents are sidewalks, streets, sewers, bridges, parking lots and parking garages. As well, light poles, utility poles, stop signs, stop lights, and bus and pedestrian shelters have also caused accidents when they have failed and fallen over.

While there can be many reasons as to why these structures fail, among the most common reasons are lack of appropriate maintenance and poor construction.

For instance, any structure that contains metal is likely to rust at some point. In a light pole or other metal structure, should the rust become prevalent the light pole may be vulnerable to falling over. This is especially likely if the rust and other corrosion occurs in the base of the pole. There have been many Chicago injuries caused by poles and other structures falling over after they rusted out at the bottom. People have been hurt when such heavy items fall onto them.

Similarly, concrete and asphalt have a limited life span. Given that streets, highways and sidewalks use these materials, a lack of maintenance or timely replacement of worn out pavement can cause serious safety issues. In streets, the most common problem is broken pavement or potholes. While in many cases, such roadway deformities will not cause an accident for motorists, the same roadway problems can cause serious injuries if hit by other road users such as motorcyclists and bicyclists. For both motorcycles and bicycles, the fine balance needed to safely travel can be interrupted if the motorcycle or bicycle hits a bad pothole or broken pavement. Both of these types of roadway deformities have caused Illinois motorcycle accidents as well as bicycle accidents. Motorcycle accidents and bicycle accidents are notable in that they can result in a broad range of serious injuries. As seen in many Illinois bicycle and motorcycle accidents, it is common for such serious injuries to be potentially life-threatening in nature. Many people have died from bicycle and motorcycle accident injuries.

Similarly, many Illinois cities have sidewalks. These sidewalks typically need to be maintained and/or replaced over time. Should they not be repaired or replaced when needed, cracks and broken pavement can cause a tripping hazard. There have been many instances of people tripping and falling on poorly maintained sidewalks. Such tripping accidents can cause a range of injuries.

Other structures that contain asphalt or concrete are parking lots and parking garages. In these structures, there is a broad range of hazards that can exist if these structures are not properly maintained. Parking garages have a potential for collapse if they are either improperly constructed or some flaw develops that makes the parking garage to be structurally unsafe.

Dangerous infrastructure can cause accident Injuries that require medical care. While the type and extent of medical care that may be required varies, such accidents often result in serious injuries. Serious injuries often require hospitalization and possibly other associated medical care. Such medical care can include medical tests such as blood tests, X-rays, MRIs, and a CT scan.

Other forms of medical care can include other diagnostic tests and surgeries. There may be a need for follow-up medical care and rehabilitation. This rehabilitation can include physical rehabilitation and/or occupational rehabilitation to restore function that has been diminished or lost following an accident. 

If you are injured in an accident, there are various steps you should take. These steps include both medical and legal actions. From a medical perspective, it is very important to get a thorough medical exam following being injured. This medical exam, typically performed in the hospital emergency room (ER) will be performed to identify and assess all injuries. Some injuries that are very serious in nature, including some types of traumatic brain injuries, may not exhibit symptoms immediately following the accident. A thorough medical exam will seek to identify these injuries that may not yet be exhibiting symptoms. Once all injuries are identified and assessed, a proper course of medical treatment can be administered.

From a legal perspective, there are also various steps that should be taken. A personal injury attorney should be consulted as soon as possible following an accident that has caused injury.

Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the accident and injuries, a personal injury lawsuit may be filed. Such lawsuits are filed for various reasons. Personal injury lawsuits typically seek compensation for the injuries and other harm that may have occurred during the accident. The lawsuit typically seeks compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other difficulties caused by the injuries. As well, any temporary or permanent injuries or impairments and their impact will be factored into the amount of compensation sought in the lawsuit.

In cases where a person has died from accident injuries, wrongful death lawsuits may be filed by appropriate parties.

In many instances lawsuits are filed against the person, company, or other entity (such as a city, county or state) that owns the infrastructure and has been negligent in its installation, maintenance, or construction. 

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