Fire Injuries And The Various Difficulties Caused By Burns

Fire Injuries

Fire injuries and burns can happen in many different settings. They can occur due to fires in structures, such as buildings, houses, condominiums, and apartments. They can also occur in vehicles for a variety of reasons. Fire injuries vary significantly in nature, and can be very serious and in some cases life-threatening.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, in 2018 there were 1,318,500 fires in the United States.  These fires resulted in 3,655 deaths, and 15,200 injuries.

Types Of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are classified in three degrees, according to harm.  The three degrees are first-, second-, and third-degree burns.  The most serious type of burn is the third-degree burns.

Another important aspect is the extent of the burns. Some burns can be highly localized, such as being in one spot on an arm. Other burns can be more extensive, such as being on both arms or over the entire body.

The Mayo Clinic’s “Burns” page discusses these burns, and discusses their treatment.  As discussed in the “Treatments” section, burn injury treatment will be dictated by the type and severity of the burn.  

Burn Treatment

Burn treatment varies significantly due to the severity and type of burn. For serious burn injuries, extensive medical treatment may be required. This treatment, and the recovery period, may last for an extended period of time. Some of this treatment may have to occur at a specialized burn center. Surgeries may be required, including those to perform skin grafts.

Following the primary medical treatment, other medical care may be needed, including physical therapy and plastic surgery.

Vehicle Fires That Lead To Burn Injuries

As mentioned above, one of the settings under which fire injuries can occur is in vehicles. Vehicle fires can occur due for many reasons. One reason is due to collisions. Collisions can cause gasoline and other flammable liquids to spill onto hot engine parts, causing fires. For those inside the vehicle at the time of the fire, various fire injuries can occur.

One example of a Chicago vehicle fire that led to fatal injuries was that discussed in the June 24, 2019 post titled “Chicago Near West Side Crash Leads To Three Fatalities.”  As seen in that post, three people died after a Chevy Malibu caught fire after colliding with a light pole.

Other vehicle fires

Vehicle fires can also occur for other reasons. For instance, leaking fluids, especially those that are highly flammable such as gasoline, can cause fires. These leaking fluids can be caused by worn components, or faulty parts. As well, improper auto maintenance, such as faulty auto part installation, can cause hazardous conditions.

Structure Fires

Structure fires are those that occur in buildings, apartments, condominiums, houses, and other structures such as stores. These fires can be caused by various factors. For instance, cooking fires can occur in houses, apartments and restaurants.

Other open flames can cause structure fires. Lit candles and lit cigarettes, if not carefully used, can lead to fire.

Another common reason for structure fires is faulty wiring, overloaded electrical circuits, and other electrical issues. These electrical issues can cause fires in an often unpredictable manner.

Improper Handling Of Volatile Materials

Many different chemicals and fluids are volatile in nature. If these chemicals and fluids aren’t handled properly, they can either explode or otherwise result in fire. These types of fires often result in workplace accidents and workplace injuries. Some workplace injuries of this type lead to one or more fatalities.

Pain And Other Hardships Caused By Burns

Burn injuries can be extremely painful and otherwise physically traumatic. As discussed above, they can require extensive medical treatment.

For those injured by fire, there can be many other hardships and challenges that result due to being burned.

Medical bills can be substantial, depending upon the extent and severity of burns.

Another financial challenge can be presented by loss of income. If someone has been significantly burned, it is likely that they will be unable to work for a time. Depending upon the medical treatment needed, this absence from work can be substantial. The loss of income, and accompany financial issues this presents, can be problematical.

Filing A Lawsuit For Injury Compensation

For those that have been injured by fire due to the negligence or other actions of others, injury compensation may be available. This compensation is typically achieved through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit. Burn trauma that has led to death can be addressed through the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit.

The Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC handles personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death lawsuits for those that have been injured by fire. In March 2020, The Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC settled a Chicago wrongful death lawsuit for $975,000. This case involved a man who died during an apartment fire on Chicago’s South Side. This case and $975,000 settlement is further discussed in the post titled “Elman Joseph Law Group Settles Chicago Wrongful Death Lawsuit For $975,000.”

Personal injury lawsuits seek to get injury compensation. This compensation is often needed to pay for medical costs, as well as reimburse for other financial issues such as lost income and other issues. 

As well, the lawsuit proceeds are intended to compensate for other issues, such as the pain and suffering endured and other non-financial issues.

The Elman Joseph Law Group has been handling Illinois personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death cases for over 25 years. During this period, we have established a reputation as being successful trial attorneys.

When a settlement offer is inadequate, the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC has proven that our lawyers can take the case to court and get a trial award that is substantially higher than the last settlement offer. This capability has proven highly valuable to many of our clients.

If you have been burned or have otherwise been injured due to the fault of others, please contact us immediately to receive a free legal consultation. For many reasons, it is in your best interest to immediately start receiving legal counsel.

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