Illinois Personal Injury Lawsuit Involving “Trip And Fall” Accident

Accidents involving people tripping happen for any number of reasons, and can involve negligent actions by others.  Serious injuries often occur during these accidents, as the falls are often unexpected and a person’s body often lands suddenly and in an awkward fashion.  (Further discussion of slip and fall accidents, as well as the injuries they can cause, can be seen in the “Illinois Slip & Fall Accidents” page.)

An example of an Illinois personal injury lawsuit involving alleged injuries caused by a “trip and fall accident” is seen in a recent lawsuit filed against the city of Collinsville and Illinois Power.  The lawsuit was filed in Madison County Circuit Court.

The underlying accident involved a man (Edwin M. Hart) who fell into a hole drilled into the middle of a sidewalk.

The lawsuit and underlying injuries are described in the Madison Record article of September 12, 2014 titled “Collinsville sidewalk trip and fall case settles.”

An excerpt from the article:

Because of his fall, Hart sustained injuries to his left hand, neck, back and hip; suffered severe bodily and mental pain; and incurred medical costs, according to his complaint.

He blamed the city for causing his fall, saying it allowed the hole to be drilled to provide services to Collinsville residents. In addition, Hart named Illinois Power as a defendant, saying it drilled the hole to provide natural gas services, but failed to barricade or cover it.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this Illinois personal injury lawsuit can be seen in a variety of media sources including the Madison Record article mentioned above.


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