ATV Safety Issues For Teenage Riders

All-terrain vehicle (ATV) and UTV safety has been a continual concern given the frequency and extent of accidents and injuries, especially those involving teenagers and children. Medline Plus (National Institutes of Health) published a document today (July 14, 2014) titled “Teens, ATV a Dangerous Combo.”  The article discusses a study’s findings regarding Iowa teens and … Read more

Poorly Maintained Chicago Sidewalks

The problem of crumbling and poorly maintained sidewalks in Chicago was featured in a September 20, 2011 CBS Chicago (Channel 2) segment. This is recapped in an article titled “Thousands Of Crumbling Sidewalks Going Unfixed.” Some excerpts from the article: It’s not hard to find cracked, broken and crumbling sidewalks in Chicago. Just about every … Read more

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