Statistics And Commentary Regarding Fatal ATV Accidents

There are many risks in riding ATVs.  ATVs,  often referred to as “three-wheelers” and “four-wheelers,” have resulted in many Illinois ATV accidents.  Some of these accidents have resulted in serious injuries, and occasionally there is a fatal ATV accident. On this site, ATV safety issues and ATV accidents – including those that have been fatal – are found … Read more

Accidents Involving Brain Injuries In Chicago June 2018

Accidents involving brain injuries are often discussed on this site, as such injuries often lead to temporary as well as permanent impairments.  They can occur in a broad range of accidents. Some brain injuries have short-term impacts.  For example, mild concussions can have short-term symptoms that subside with time.  However, even in these instances, the long-term impact … Read more

Negligent Maintenance Claimed In Sidwalk “Trip & Fall” Lawsuit

On this site, many injuries and deaths (as well associated lawsuits) that have been caused by alleged negligent maintenance of unsafe infrastructure have been discussed.  In most instances, these accidents and accompanying injuries are caused because the infrastructure (including sidewalks, streets, sewers, buildings, bus shelters, etc.) has not been properly maintained.  An unsafe condition can develop, which … Read more

Lawsuit Regarding Accident Injuries After Woman Falls Into Manhole

On this site, many injuries and accidental deaths (as well as any associated lawsuit) that have been caused by unsafe infrastructure have been discussed.   There are many types of unsafe infrastructure…some of these types include potholes, broken sidewalks, falling light poles, rusting traffic signal poles, and various types of defective structures such as unsafe bus … Read more

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