Illinois Motor Vehicle Crashes

Illinois Vehicle Accidents And Injuries

As seen on page 9 of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) “2012 Illinois Crash Facts and Statistics” report (pdf) in 2012 there were 274,111 Illinois motor vehicle crashes. Of these crashes, crashes involving injuries accounted for 22.0% (60,252) of the total, while there were 886 fatal crashes, which accounts for less than 1% of the total crashes.

As seen in the IDOT’s City Summary Crash Report for Chicago in 2012 (pdf), in Chicago there were 77,370 crashes in 2012, with 14,858 of these crashes involving injuries.  134 of these Chicago crashes were fatal crashes.

There are many potential causes for vehicle accidents.  While some of these accidents are within a driver’s control, others are caused by the errors and/or negligence of other drivers.  As well, road hazards and weather conditions are other factors outside of a driver’s control that can cause or contribute to an accident.

Should You Be Injured In An Illinois Vehicle Accident

If you have been injured in an Illinois vehicle accident, it is important that you speak with an Illinois car accident lawyer promptly, as there are various recommended actions one should take in order to protect your legal rights, as well as maximize your potential for compensation.  While the period after a vehicle accident can be both physically and emotionally traumatic, it is likely beneficial to speak immediately with an Illinois personal  injury lawyer.

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Reasons For Illinois Vehicle Accidents

Illinois car accidents and other vehicle accidents have various causes.  Some of the more common reasons, especially as seen in Chicago area accidents, are discussed below:

Inattentive driving:  This type of driving is particularly dangerous when a driver encounters other less-visible road users, including motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians.  The inattentiveness often results in the driver not “seeing” these other roadway occupants, and collisions may occur.  One particularly common type of inattentive driving accident is when a driver makes a left-hand turn immediately in front of a motorcyclist, causing a collision with the motorcyclist.  There are various reasons for inattentiveness, including drowsiness.

Drunk driving accidents:  Many vehicle accidents are caused by drivers who operate vehicles after drinking.  These DUI accidents also include various devastating accidents that result in drunk drivers who become “wrong-way” drivers.  Drunk drivers have been involved in many types of accidents, including collisions with motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.  In addition to drunk driving accidents, there are accidents caused by drivers who drive after becoming intoxicated through drug use.

Distracted driving accidents:  These types of accidents are often devastating.  While the distractions can be caused by many factors, distracted driving caused by cell phone usage and texting is among the most common factors in the Chicago area.

Traffic hazards:  Traffic hazards can take many forms, and can be dangerous as they are often unexpected.  One type of traffic hazard is caused by stalled vehicles.  Another type of traffic hazard is caused by trucks that suddenly drop cargo or material onto the roadway.  Other types of traffic hazards include debris that is on the roadway.

Hazardous roadway conditions:  Roads and expressways can become hazardous for various reasons.  Ice,  including “black ice,” are common roadway hazards in the Chicago area during the winter months.  As well, large potholes are hazardous and can cause or contribute to car crashes.  Other hazardous road conditions include high levels of standing water, drifting snow, and loose gravel on the pavement.

Speeding:  Speeding has been both a cause and contributor to many Illinois vehicle crashes, including fatal accidents.  During these incidents of speeding, loss of control can occur.  Car crashes caused by street racing, while less common, have resulted in many fatal car accidents and motorcycle accidents.

Failure to yield:  This type of vehicle accident occurs when one driver fails to yield the right-of-way to another driver, thereby causing a vehicle collision.

Failure to stop at a red light:  Often referred to as “running a red light,” this happens when one vehicle fails to stop at a red light.  Often, side-impact collisions happen after one driver runs a red light.

Defective car design:  This deals with vehicle accidents that are caused by defective vehicles. While auto design defects can vary greatly, one type of defective design that has received considerable attention is that caused by (alleged) unintended acceleration.  Another type of defect has been seen is faulty ignition switches.

The above discusses various causes of Chicago and other Illinois vehicle accidents.  Should one get in a vehicle accident, it is likely in one’s best interest to start receiving immediate legal counsel from a qualified Illinois car accident lawyer, as there are a variety of time-sensitive issues and recommended actions one should take after a vehicle accident.

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