Illinois Pedestrian Accidents

There have been numerous recent Illinois and Chicago-area pedestrian accidents, some fatal.  Two recent fatal pedestrian accidents – one in Chicago Heights and another in Des Plaines – are summarized in the January 3, 2015 Chicago Tribune article titled “2 pedestrians killed in separate suburban accidents.”

As seen in Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) crash reports, in the year 2013 there were 4895 pedestrian crashes, with 124 fatal pedestrian accidents, in Illinois.  While the majority of the fatal pedestrian accident happened at night, 39 happened during daylight.  The majority of both pedestrian accident fatalities as well as injuries happened among people ages 25 and older.

There are many reasons for Illinois pedestrian accidents, as discussed in posts on this site.  Walking is popular, yet it often entails risks when done around traffic.  This is especially so given the busy roadways and recreational paths in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Many pedestrian accidents are the fault of motorists. While crosswalks are supposed to provide a safe crossing for pedestrians, in many cases crosswalks go unheeded by motorists.  Various past statistics show that Chicago pedestrian accidents often happen while people walk in a crosswalk – with the “walk” signal.  As seen in the October 26, 2011 post, titled “City of Chicago Initiative To Highlight Pedestrian Accidents And Pedestrian Safety“:

About 80 percent of vehicle-pedestrian crashes in Chicago occur at intersections and commonly involve people crossing the street with the walk signal, according to a new city study released this summer. The No. 1 cause of the accidents was drivers failing to yield, the analysis found.

In addition to pedestrian accidents that happen due to drivers failing to yield, such accidents can also be caused by driver inattentiveness or distracted motorists.

Other pedestrian accidents are of a “Hit & Run” nature; as well, some don’t even include cars or vehicles, such as when bicyclists hit pedestrians.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has published pedestrian safety tips at its “Everyone is a pedestrian” site.  Walking safety tips are also provided for children and older adults.

If one is involved in a pedestrian accident, there are many steps that one should take – including getting a thorough medical examination by a qualified medical professional, as well as protecting one’s legal rights and attaining appropriate injury (and other harm) compensation.  Often, people choose to retain a qualified personal injury attorney to seek maximum compensation for injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident.

If you or someone close to you has suffered an Illinois pedestrian accident – or if someone you care for is killed in such an accident – call Elman Joseph Law Group for a free, no-obligation consultation.  Elman Joseph Law Group has handled over 10,000 Illinois personal injury cases over the last 25+ years, and we have concentrated on Illinois personal injury cases involving car accidents, including those involving pedestrians.  Through this intense focus, we have achieved notable success in both court verdicts and settlements for our clients.

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