Pit Bull Attack In Alsip, Illinois

Illinois dog attacks can cause substantial personal injury, and in some cases, fatalities, as seen in various dog attack posts on this site.

The May 6, 2015 Daily Southtown (Chicago Tribune) article titled “Pit bull could be euthanized after mauling Alsip boy” discusses a pit bull attack of a 10-year-old boy in Alsip on April 8.  The boy allegedly suffered substantial injuries resulting from the attack.

The boy, Matthew Dancho, was attacked by the pit bull as he opened the screen door of a friend’s house.

The pit bull then mauled him.

An excerpt concerning the injuries Matthew Dancho suffered during the dog attack:

Dancho’s son needed about 50 total staples and stitches after being bit on the head, Dancho said. He was hospitalized for three days, according to court records.


Alsip Police asked Cook County Animal Control Administrator Donna Alexander to investigate Ryder’s case last month, court records show. On April 28, Alexander’s office determined that Ryder “did attack without justification and caused serious physical injury to the victim.”

Ryder also attacked “without provocation and without prior vocalization,” the filing alleges.

Additional details regarding this incident can be seen in the Chicago Tribune article mentioned above, as well as the May 6 Oak Lawn Patch article titled “Pit Bull’s Fate Lies In Courts After Mauling Alsip Boy.”


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